🔥 Bonus Bagging Review - Is It a Scam or a Legit Loophole?

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But before we get into that – if you’re already a member of this service and are looking for the Bonus Bagging Calculator to measure up your bets then I’ve developed a special spreadsheet available here which will also allow you to keep track of your bets. But you might not be there yet…

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Bonus Bagging Calculator | Matched Betting Guide
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Sports Bet Bonus Bagging Guide . I’m going to throw open the doors of bonus bagging and teach you for free how to make tax free legal profits from online bookmakers without risking any of your own money. Whilst I’ve got great news for you ( that I’m teaching you how to do this for free) there is also some bad news.

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Oddsmatching Software for Matched Betting. It’s time to get your hands on some Oddsmatching Software! If you are new to matched betting, or a seasoned pro, then you won’t go amiss with my Oddsmatcher recommendation below. Free Odds Matching Software Trial. You can grab a free Odds matching Software trial from OddsMonkey. I use and recommend.

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Profit Maximiser Review 2019,matched betting tools & software
How to make money online with Profit Accumulator & matched betting

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Find a suitable high odds “strong match”. Follow the same process as the qualifier (in the previous step). As always, take care to ensure the Bookmaker and Betfair odds are a close match. Use the OddsMonkey Matched Betting calculator to calculate your Lay stake. You must select “ Free Bet (SNR) ” as the Bet Type this time. The default.

Profit Maximiser Review 2019,matched betting tools & software
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bonus bagging || I have made over £500 per month from online service - YouTube
Bonus bagging calculator - Get file at link below!!

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UNDER LAY. Lay stake: Lay Liability: Position if the bet wins: Position if the bet loses: OVER LAY. Lay stake: Lay Liability: Position if the bet wins:

Bonus Bagging Calculator | Matched Betting Guide
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bonus bagging || I have made over £500 per month from online service - YouTube
Casino Bonus Bagging Guide Bonus Bagging Guide

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If I had to describe Bonus Bagging in only sentence I would say the following: With Bonus Bagging, you will be able to take advantage of the initial bookmaker bonus offers with profits of up to £80 per each new account for just 10 minutes of your time each day.

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There is a betting calculator to help you work out how much you need to back and lay to guarantee a profit.There is also a Reload service, where Bonus Bagging alerts you to additional free bets (to the sign up offers). There is advice on how to cash out Casino sign up bonuses and also where to find free goes in Casinos.

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odds converter bonus bagging

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Oddsmatching Software for Matched Betting. It’s time to get your hands on some Oddsmatching Software! If you are new to matched betting, or a seasoned pro, then you won’t go amiss with my Oddsmatcher recommendation below. Free Odds Matching Software Trial. You can grab a free Odds matching Software trial from OddsMonkey. I use and recommend.

bonus bagging || I have made over £500 per month from online service - YouTube
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EACH-WAY BETTING & EXTRA PLACES: How I Make My Biggest Profits

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But before we get into that – if you’re already a member of this service and are looking for the Bonus Bagging Calculator to measure up your bets then I’ve developed a special spreadsheet available here which will also allow you to keep track of your bets. But you might not be there yet…

bonus bagging || I have made over £500 per month from online service - YouTube
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Bonus Bagging Odds Matching- Guarantee Risk Free Tax-Free

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Sports Bet Bonus Bagging Guide . I’m going to throw open the doors of bonus bagging and teach you for free how to make tax free legal profits from online bookmakers without risking any of your own money. Whilst I’ve got great news for you ( that I’m teaching you how to do this for free) there is also some bad news.

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Profit Maximiser Review 2019,matched betting tools & software
Sports Betting Bonus Rollover Requirements Explained

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BetCalc: Bet Calculator tools - free online Accumulator Bet Returns Calculator, Equal Profit / Dutching Calculator, Hedging / Back / Lay Calculator, Saver (Draw No Bet) Calculator, Odds Converter, many more calculators, Betting Tips and Articles, staking plan systems explained, and general betting …

Betting Odds Converter & Calculator | Odds Shark
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Matched Betting Calculator
Bonus Bagging Review — Is It a Scam or a Legit Loophole?
You may even be questioning whether the Bonus Bagging service is legitimate?
Is it a scam?
Or whether guaranteed risk-free profits are achievable from a service costing so little?
This Bonus Bagging service banded 12 slot decoy bag as good as its word.
So how does Bonus Bagging work?
Pay special attention to the bold text.
Through laying off our qualifying bet at the outcome of the event we are wagering on becomes irrelevant.
Our bet will either win at the bookmaker or win at Betfair.
This is known as of which can be very profitable in its own right but even more so when combined with free bets.
This works through fact that the online betting world is a very saturated and competitive industry.
The only real way bookmakers can get our attention and encourage us to place our bets with them is by offering us freebies.
With Bonus Bagging we are simply exploiting this fact and methodologically signing up with a bookmaker, qualifying for their bonus offer, extracting their free bet and withdrawing our balance before moving on to the next.
The majority of bookmakers will only issue bonuses to residents of these two nations.
Some bookmakers may provide exception to this rule but most do not and you cannot expect anywhere near the same kind of returns if you are elsewhere in the world.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Ok — little disclaimer aside.
I scoured the Internet for weeks and weeks searching all manner of sites and forums for information before I dared place my first bet.
It was a nerve-wracking experience staking my own money for those first few times.
Whilst it is true that Bonus Bagging is completely risk-free — it is only so if done properly.
We are all human and it odds converter bonus bagging possible to make mistakes.
That is why I am a huge advocate of having someone like Mike to hold your hand as you begin the Bonus Bagging trail.
You do not need any prior knowledge of betting to use the Bonus Bagging service.
The choice of bookmaker, stake size of bets and odds to bet on are all automatically generated for you and sent to your inbox through click of a button.
Very shortly often within minutes!
Mike will email you with precise instructions.
Be sure to watch my if you want to see it in action.
Requesting a bet is as easy as clicking a button.
You can event expect to receive emails highlighting positive expected value casino offers that represent an excellent chance of profit.
Life is made easy for you in finding these offers.
Mike is persistently hunting for the best reload bonuses and special offers to bring to your attention and will regularly sends out video guides demonstrating how to profit from them as he does.
Mike regularly sends out reload bonus instructional emails.
Bonus Bagging for me is a bit of a hobby.
The money is a welcome addition to my piggy bank and repeatedly hammering the bookmakers is a satisfying feeling.
I used to undertake the whole process manually and would literally spend hours scrolling through bookmaker odds looking for the right bets.
In conducting a I demonstrated generating over £100 for about 10 minutes work a day.
Remember: this is not gambling.
If you do so you would be missing a pile of tax-free cash winnings from bets are not a taxable income in the UK that is there for the taking.
And to be frank, I am too.
Finally signed up yesterday.
Mike is soooooo fast at finding bets.
Cant believe its this easy.
If the odds change at all whilst you are trying to get your bet on then Mike also includes a link to a simple tool that recalculates what stake you should use.
It works on the principle of Backing and LAYING at the Betting Exchange.
A lay is a bet AGAINST the selection.
Not on the other team.
If I BET on Man United to win at a bookmaker then I place a LAY on Man United at the betting exchange I have covered all outcomes.
If Man United win I win at the bookmaker.
If Man United lose I win at the betting exchange.
If Man United draw I win at the betting exchange.
I hope that makes sense?
Hi Chris, does bonus bagging works in Malaysia or Singapore??
Can I open an account with the bookmakers without UK bank account?
Thanks mate : While the Bonus Bagging System is really easy to use and makes money, it is worth noting that free bet bonuses do not apply to all.
To non-UK users, read terms and conditions for each bonus before betting.
I would echo your sentiment once more of ensuring you always cast your eyes over bookmaker terms and conditions yourself when signing up so you know where they stand.
Out of interest Jared — just for reference of myself and other readers — where are you based?
I think it might help too if you mentioned how much it takes to actually get this off the ground i.
Thanks for the info.
But regardless, you are right in identifying everybody should get into the habit of reading terms and conditions for everywhere they deposit just to be sure.
The product costs £27 to buy and the recommended starting bank is £100.
Other than that everything else can be variable based on the offers available at a given time, the bets placed, odds taken etc etc.
I think if people work their way across my step-by-step 7-day walkthrough it identifies a pretty clear pattern of what to expect and how profit begins to stack up over time.
Thanks for your comments.
Chris I did bonus bagging for several months and it works out great.
Some bets only make small amounts though but then others return 40-50 pounds.
Overall, when I tried it I made about 400 quid but if I had taken the larger of his bets I would have made a lot more but felt you really need a decent fund behind you to go for those first.
One issue I did have though is one bet the Ts and Cs had a date limit on it that neither Mike nor myself noticed and I missed on my free bet.
Jim: In my experience you should be able to clear quite a bit more than that.
It only takes a minute.
I read a bit about bonus bagging but it seemed, if not too complicated, that it would take a lot of time to do properly.
Hopefully someone will be able to answer the few kinda pertinent questions for me!
What if you wanted to be earning more than that?
Would you need more start up money or would it just take longer to be making those figures?
Or could you do it in the same amount of time but spending longer at it daily?
Thanks odds converter bonus bagging advance, any info appreciated!
I was a student too when I first started matched betting.
It was an amazing earner for me equivalent to my friends jobs for only a fraction of the work.
If you go with Bonus Bagging then it runs through a sequence of bookmakers starting from a £100 bank.
The smaller offers are tackled first and followed up by the bigger ones once your balance has grown.
You can tackle multiple offers at the same time if you like.
But again — I recommend just familiarising yourself with how everything works from the off and build up to that.
You should clear over £1000 with it before things slow down a little.
Then you basically have two choices: use your learned experience to continue hunting bonuses through all the bookmakers listed within the Bonus Bagging backend or get Profit Maximiser.
The nearly 2000 strong community of like minded advantage players is just as a valuable.
Get Bonus Bagging — learn the ropes — see how you feel about the methodology used and scale it at a rate comfortable to your learning and finances.
Sound man, cheers for getting back to me.
I think a Sunday afternoon is as good as any to go get signed up!
Can I use the system while living in Croatia the newest EU member state.
I have Canadian bank account and credit cards too.
Most of the bookmakers in Bonus Bagging restrict their bonuses to UK and Ireland.
I would have to say as an Australian resident I bought into the belief that bonus bagging would provide the claimed profits as per the website and various review sites.
I can say that after a week I could only use three bookmakers bet365—titan—bet home Then bonus bagging said ALL my bookmakers were used.
It tried to provide Betfred and Apollo bet but these are restricted in Australia.
Once again with the many restrictions in place for Australian customers this arb service may not work??
I know additionally that Australia imposes further gambling restrictions which like the US mean that those wanting to bet have to jump through more hoops than other countries.
You may have success bagging bonuses from Australia facing bookmakers.
My free matched betting eBook should give you some pointers.
Thanks for the reply Chris.
Hi Ryan: The whole system of Bonus Bagging is based around exploiting free bet bonuses.
Without the free bet you cannot lock in a guaranteed profit.
There are a ton of bookmakers out there though and I doubt you have accounts with ALL of them.
Chris I am from the US and Betfair is not an option for me.
It pings my address and says I cant sign up for Betfair.
Is there a site similar to Betfair for US bettors?
I think using just a generic sports sign you would lose money because of odds.
All round Betfair alternatives would be Betdaq, Smarkets and MatchBook.
Most of the bookmakers would restrict your account.
I bought bonus bagging and I just want to put it out there that in my first month I made £92 and that was spending about 2 hours a day waiting for click and joining bookmakers.
I was offered money for advertising his bonus bagging so I think others are doing the same.
You need around £300 to start off with and need to take great care when following his instructions and decide if it is all worth the hassle when the bets dry out so quickly.
Tob: Whilst I am not doubting your own personal experiences you appear to be an exception to both myself and pretty much every other Bonus Bagging user I have ever spoken to.
Check for problems with your email provider.
If you watch my you will see it happen in real time within a matter of minutes.
£100 will suffice if you take one bookmaker at a time and build a bankroll with your winnings.
I am one of them.
As such, you will find a disclaimer across each and money gun post on my site.
Mike is running a great business and I am proud to be affiliated with his products.
Only making £92 from this service suggests that a You already had many open bookmaker accounts and were therefore ineligible for their signup bonuses or b You are not based in the UK.
If you wish — feel free to email me the specifics of your circumstances and I will assist you where possible.
Just started bonus bagging and done my first one with William Hill today.
They way I look at it is if you have a decent enough amount of money you should be able to achieve over £1000 in your 1st month.
That would surely increase your earnings substantially!!!??
If so — goodbye bonus!
It would be best to confirm this in live chat or email before ever trying to open secondary accounts.
Out of interest how often do bookies offer a reload bonus?
Mike has been sending out reload updates every week as of late but a lot of the time it depends on the sporting calendar.
You tend to find a lot more offers around the big events of the year.
Horse Racing: Cheltenham, Grand National, Goodwood etc.
Football: European Competition, Cup Offers.
There should be enough to keep you going.
Will the system work using a mobile device?
Or do I need to use a standard computer or laptop with an Internet or wifi connection?
Thanks Bill: Most bookmakers have a mobile phone application you can use to place bets or certainly a mobile enabled portal.
Betfair has a dedicated app.
However — I would highly recommend you use a laptop, PC or iPad to place your bets as I feel you would be a lot less likely to make mistakes on such devices.
Unlike an iPhone they make cross referencing between browser windows and tabs very easy which is something that becomes quite common practice when checking the bets that Mike sends out.
Hi Mike, you keep going on about people who live outside UK and Ireland…surely they can use a VPN to show that they are for example in the UK.
THANKS Martin: If you are a UK citizen with a UK bank account and are living abroad for instance then yes a VPN should work.
Hi I get the first bit where you re credited with a free bet.
Although you are equalling your bet and lay to essentially zero each other out — your profit odds converter bonus bagging the money the bookmaker gave you to bet with free.
In most instances you should profit in line with 70-75% of the bonus amount per bookmaker you sign up to.
For example: If I deposited £50 at William hill, I would then use said deposited money to make a bet to get matched bonus.
If so, I think reviewers should make a point of telling people that too.
I would back that up as the minimum.
As a sidenote: any more is great but does not really have any bearing on overall profitability.
A bigger bank would just mean you earn a bit faster.
Thanks for your comments!
Thanks for speedy reply, mate.
Really, I should have read your interview with him first oops.
Hey Steve: Without a doubt do Bonus Bagging first — especially so if you have no prior experience with betting.
That service will do all the hard work for you and give you precise instructions on where to bet, what to bet on and for how much.
If you jumped straight into Profit Maximiser the learning curve would be a lot steeper.
The offers are bigger and it would be easier to make mistakes.
I take your concern with Profit Maximiser closing the doors although I suspect a price hike is more likely bag 8 slot gw2 invisible I strongly advise you start slowly and build up familiarity with the process of making money from bonus offers.
Hope that in someway helps?
Enjoy your Christmas matey!
Cheers Wayne: They do send out some stuff from time to time but each should have a checkbox on signup to exclude yourself from mailouts if you want to avoid that.
Do exercise caution though if betting has caused personal problems in the past — no extra cash is worth that.
Still though — worth saying I think.
I want to ask, can i use BB from Bulgaria?
Is it done already?
Thanks and Merry Christmas to all of you.
Wish you a lot of luck and health.
Bonus Bagging as a service however is not recommended for Bulgaria.
In any case — my reccommendation for you right now would be to just seek out bookmakers yourself, check their terms and conditions to see if Bulgarian residents are eligible for bonuses and go it alone.
You already have the knowledge of matching bets off from arbing so extracting bonuses should come easily.
You can check out my free guide for further advice if you need it!
Merry Christmas to you too!
And what about Austria?
Just one last question.
My brother works in England, but he is not a British citizen, but however he works and studys in England.
Can he registet with his bank account from England, so that i can use his registration from Bulgaria.
If your brother is a UK resident and has identification to prove as much then he would be eligible for bookmaker bonuses.
Hello Chris i have just received an email from Bonus Baggingoffering a £1 trial and after reading other comments am seriously considering signing up.
I am au fait with bookmakers and particularly football betting and have a couple of accounts however I am an absolute newbie with Betfair Betting Exchange.
Alan: A week should be plenty to get your feet under the table.
There is information about how to place matched bets on the Bonus Bagging backend.
Check that out and it should help you to get started quickly.
Hi Chris, Please confirm my situation.
I am moving to Thailand soon.
I have a UK bank account but no UK address.
Does this mean that I will not be able to open accounts with UK bookies when in Thailand.
I understand that I will be able to open a Betfair account no problem.
Would appreciate your advice Chris.
Hey Trevor: Tough question!
Your biggest problem is going to be the UK address.
But surely if you have a UK bank account then they have a UK address on file for you?
If so — you could register that address with you bank account and consequently use the same address for any websites like bookmakers you sign up to.
Thanks Chris, it does help.
Decided to spend a few euros over the I live in Spain and phone some bookies helpdesks.
BB is not going to work if you live outside of the UK or Ireland was soon confirmed.
Interestingly I also spoke to Betfair who told me that they have no restrictions on opening accounts from Thailand.
Seems I need to find something as good that I can use solely on the exchanges.
Thanks again Chris for your help and prompt reply, much appreciated.
Very interesting Trevor re: Betfair in Thailand.
I learn something new every day.
It looks like trading might be an option for you then?
Hi Chris would this work from Holland or must I have a registered UK address and VPN to UK?
A site here is avialable for me to bet in pounds such as betfair.
I am looking forward to your input.
Bonus Bagging itself has been extensively explored on this site through the review, trial and videos.
If you have a particular concern then of course feel free to raise that and I odds converter bonus bagging address it for you.
I read somewhere that this system will work very well from Sweden.
And if not, why dont a VPN to UK work?
A VPN tunnel should enable all the world to use this system.
Linus: Really quite amazing how often this question get asked!
A VPN would only be useful for a UK resident who was outside the country when placing bets but still have documentation and ID to prove they were from the UK.
You cannot claim to be a UK resident and qualify for bonuses purely on the sake of having a UK IP.
You need the residential address and bank account to go with it.
Hi Chris Im really Interested in this bonus bagging,my only problem is over the years i have probably signed up to all the major betting companies and not so well known ones,will i still actually make much profit as ive had most of there initial sign up bonuses?
Hi Paul: That could pose a problem.
My advice instead would be this: 1.
Download the free matched betting eBook from this site to familiarise yourself with how the process works.
Take a look at.
Paul: Your statement is true but not normally the reality.
That would only become a factor if you were requesting the lay odds and thus waiting for somebody to match them.
In short: somebody else is looking for someone to match their bet you and not the other way round.
No im not confused now,i guess you just make sure someone is laying already at betfair before you take the odds at the bookies.
Hi again chris,where do i find your spreadsheet again,im just trying to work out some fake bets using a website and betfair to leanr how to do these confidently before probably purchasing one of the products… im sure yesterday i saw a video of you explaining the spreadsheet but not sure where i saw it now.
Quick question, how is bonus bagging tax-free?
Presumably the profits go into your account and is therefore liable to tax?
It is not recognised a taxable 'income'.
Hi, iv never bet in my life and havent a clue about lay betting etc do you think i would be able to do this if i have no idea at all about odds, bets etc?
In fact I know many others with zero betting knowledge have gone before you The great thing about Bonus Bagging is is it does all the calculations for you.
You learn more here need to follow the instructions and place the bets.
But take things very, very slowly.
Do ONE bookmaker at at time.
Let the bets settle.
Withdraw what you need to and then move on to the next.
Kind of like that first week in the office of a new job.
I joined after reading about it here in febuary,and even though I had joined quite a few sites previously,i still made over £700 in 3 weeks from BB,since then I joined proit maximiser and have made about £2500 doing all the offers there hit £750 on one bingo offer lol.
Thanks Chris as was only because I found your site whilst googling about something that I ever heard of bonus bagging.
Hey Paul: Superb results.
I have tried all the usual methods, surveys etc and lost money because there is always a catch somewhere.
This is my last resort.
Do you think I would be able to do this Bonus Bagging being a complete newbe.
Not knowing anything as I said, do you think I could do it??????.
Thanks, look forward to your honest reply.
Hi Lin: Bonus Bagging is designed to make matched betting as simple as can be but you would still need to become comfortable with using bookmaker and betting exchange websites.
Can you do it?
Many people found and use Bonus Bagging having very little knowledge of placing bets before.
Read the literature, watch the videos again and again and read my downloadable guide on matched betting you can find on the right of this page to understand how it works.
Just take things very, very slowly.
One thing I might say — although you may think I have no right to comment on your personal finances — if you are talking about short-term borrowing money to be returned with high interest to pursue this I would strongly advise against that.
You will always be chasing your tail repaying that with any earnings from this.
Bonus Bagging can provide a solid, month-on-month extra income but you should manage any huge expectations beyond that.
Hi Chris, Thank you for your quick reply.
I borrowed the money from a friend and he is not in a hurry for me to pay it back ,so that part is ok.
I am now going to go to your videos and go over them until I am confident and understand them, which is very good advice thank you.
Would it be ok for me to contact you on here if I get stuck ,if so I think we may become good friends lol Thank you again Chris I really appreciate your help Good stuff.
Yes — feel free to email me from the contact form on the site though rather than leave messages here as it may get a little messy.
When you line up your bets get the bookmaker and betting exchange open in separate windows or tabs and make sure this is the case before you place either.
You no doubt will find a lot more liquidity and less obscure markets when the World Cup begins and the new football season after that.
Hi Chris, Brilliant reviews and videos on Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser — well done mate.
I am new to on-line betting and am intending to go with both programs on your and other recommendations.
Bonus Bagging covers a select number of bookmaker signup offers.
Profit Maximiser targets an additional set of slightly more difficult bookmakers alongside bingo sites, casinos and spread betting firms.
There is some overlap in the form of the regular reloads which are prominent within the PM calendar.
Just open up the account you made during your BB exploits and plough on!
Time to hit your Begin Bonus Bagging link and cough up the massive £27 startup.
Chris, I have online accounts with a lot of the leading bookmakers.
Is that a problem s I am sure I could not open second accounts.
Should I start with BB and progress onto PM?
Thanks a lot and best wishes, Christine Hey Christine: Definitely start with Bonus Bagging.
As for profits you should be able to net £800 pretty easily.
Chris my man, thanks for the great review.
Have just purchased off the back of it through your link a few days ago.
Good man mate ; Hello, Why if this system is so legit the web page looks like any other scam web?
I would advise you read my eBook on matched betting for a thorough understanding of matched betting works.
It might clear some things up with regards to the method used within this product and allow you to see how a back and a lay bet can cancel one another out to lock in a profit or small loss for qualifying bets.
I recommend Bonus Bagging solely for UK and Ireland players but Clickbank is a global marketplace and you cannot to my knowledge restrict purchases from other countries.
£27 is the price excluding VAT.
Not everybody pays the same level of VAT all over the world so the price fluctuates depending on the purchase location.
Remember that nobody is forcing you to place those bets.
You can get a refund on the product before you ever even place a bet.
I have just finished my first two weeks of BB and have made approx £140 although i messed up a couple of bets and didn,t have the time to use it every dayso i cannot fault it.
Hey Derek: Pleased to hear about your profits although I am surprised you finished it all within a couple of weeks!
Did you have any bookmaker accounts before you signed up?
In any case — PM is a great progression on the method and you should be able to ramp is up quite considerably.
Hi Chris, I just had a thought on this.
What happens if your initial bet goes unmatched on the Betfair exchange?
The bet goes unmatched on the exchange, is not taken, and team A loses, meaning a loss of £30 although you still get the qualifying free bet.
Hey Tim: Good question.
In reality the only markets you would be betting on are markets with liquidity to place your lay bet immediately.
If you do find yourself having placed a bet and the lay is unmatched for whatever reason then you can tap in the new lay odds into the bet calculator and resize your lay bet according to the new values.
Now I have accounts with many bookies will this work for me and how much a month can I make?
It contains step-by-step instructions on lesser known bookmaker offers as well as casino, bingo, spread-betting offers and so on.
What was the £97 software offered?
I would have definitely been tempted but spending £30 + £75 straight away before any bets was already enough.
read article it possible to get the software at a later date or did I read somewhere it was included in the profit maximiser which I plan to buy with my profits.
What are the chances you will have a review up for NEW dutching software from mike -which I got emailed about today- within a week?
How much you can make from them depends on how much time you have available, your bookmaker accounts, the sporting calendar and a bit of luck.
Another question from outside of the UK.
Do the bookmakers require you to verify identity by sending mail to your residential address.
If you live OS but have a UK bank account and passport, can you use the system as effectively?
Hi Jim: Not usually.
They normally just require ID but more stringent ones might request a recent household bill as verification.
Hi, just wondered if anyone is having issues with the site?
I just purchased the £1 trial and am unable to register.
I am struggling with the concept.
Continue with matched betting and your profits will far exceed what you earn from those combined.
Hi Chris i am really looking to join up i have never made a bet before will this still work for me and if i need some help or guidance would i be able to ask Hey Steve: Have you read my eBook on matched betting?
That should help clear up the process considerably so you would start with a fuller understanding of the mechanics behind matched betting.
Beyond that Mike offers excellent round-the-clock email support across all of his products.
Feel free to drop me a line through the contact form on this site also if you need to.
Many have started from the same position as you and are full-blown advantage play addicts today.
Take it slowly and grow your confidence.
Hi Chris can you send me a link to your downloads and Ebook etc as I have extensive experience of betfair but I have never tried this bonus idea sounds wonderful.
Are you yourself a reviewer or are you involved with Mikes sites?
Also how long can you this for ie is there only so many offers then you have none left to do or can you continue month on month year on year etc.
Also should I start with Bonus bagging or profit maximiser as very experienced with betfair although not this idea.
Best wishes Gary Hey Gary: Follow the banner in the sidebar and confirm your email to get the download link.
The long term profits come from scooping up all the reload bonuses as well as new account bonuses and various positive expected value advantage play offers of which there are a ton of.
PM is an excellent tool for this.
You can of course go off and find these yourself if you wish but in my experience having a odds converter bonus bagging of guidance in the beginning and learning the process quickly is worth the small outlay of the product purchase.
You still might be able to implement the matched betting technique in Norway but you will have to research and implement it manually to know what offers work would work for Norway residents as per bookmaker terms and conditions.
Expect £500-1500 depending on offers available at the time.
But you can continue the formula of matched betting for years to come.
I first started in 2004… There is no maximum when it comes to matched betting as a technique.
It depends on how much effort you put in.
There is so much to read through here so I apologise if this has been asked before.
I have no worry about spending £27 for getting started.
I do have some concern about the amount I would need to bet on each bet.
How difficult is that and is there any more risk to that?
Hey Martin: You are right that some bookmakers stipulate what is known as a wager requirement meaning you must cycle through the free bet and deposit amount a certain amount of times in order to withdraw.
It will notify you of any requirements that need to be fulfilled for a specific offer and you can still use the request bet feature to be sent instructions for what to stake on.
Many sign-up bonuses are still only one play-through.
The bigger bonuses often come with bigger requirements which will take you a few bets to get through.
You grow with the product basically — which is pretty cool.
I am curious, im from the netherlands, is it great to use???
Hi, Ive bought bonus bagging trial for £1.
How can MIKE help me now?
Hi Sandra: Sorry to hear that.
But in any case I would really advise against betting if you do not have the disposable income to support a starting bank of £100.
The product costs £27 + VAT which is clearly indicated.
This is taken from the trial order page: Bonus Bagging Email Support — £1 Trial for 7 days.
After 7 days you get billed £26.
Total cost is £27 plus VAT were applicable for a life time membership However — this product does have a 60-day money back guarantee.
If you are still within this period you can email and request a refund.
Ok, maybe its my mistake for being interested in this in a first place.
I requested a mr money bags slots and they are emailing me back changing it from refund to tech support…anyway il keep on trying to get my money back….
I am about signing up for Bonus bagging but I first want to open a separate bank account for it.
What are your thoughts about doing this please.
How regularly are bank transfers required, would it be every time I place a bet?
You will need an account with a visa debit card or similar in order to make deposits.
Credit deposits are normally treated as cash advances by your bank and will begin compounding interest from the day the transaction happens.
Use debit cards only.
Is this thing actually legit.
Like with so link scams out there all with money back guarantees what makes this any different.
Sorry to be skeptical but I have been burn many times in the past but as far as betting its something that I have never explored.
Is this the real deal?
Hi Jonathan: Nothing wrong with being skeptical.
This product is sold through Clickbank whom provide payment facility for a large number of pre-dominantly information products.
Clickbank enforces a money-back-guarantee across every product that uses its platform.
If a vendor is not responding to your refund requests then you can contact Clickbank directly and force the issue.
Mike is good to his word.
As for the product itself — you would perhaps feel more confident in odds converter bonus bagging it offers if you familiarise yourself with the technique it uses in order to create profit.
I have an eBook available from the sidebar of this site which details exactly how matched betting works.
If you read through that a couple of times it should sink in how it is possible to bet on all outcomes and come out a winner by utilising bonus cash.
Bonus Bagging is just an evolution of that technique in that all the research has been done for you and you need to just follow the instructions to lock in the bonus money without having to scour for odds and offers yourself.
And this really is just the beginning.
Using these advantage play strategies there is a lot more money to be had.
But understanding how it works to begin with is paramount to your confidence and progress.
Hi Chris, I have been doing bonus bagging for about a month now, but I am having trouble tracking how money icon bag profit I make.
Typically what I do when I want to check my profit is add up my current bank balance I have a bank account solely for BB ,together with my Betfair current balance and other balances in bookmakers yet to be withdrawn, and then subtract my starting bank balance from this.
However, comparing this to the sum of the estimated wins included in the BB emails, there is quite a difference.
Also do you think the more rollover requirements for a bonus bet, the less the profit?
Email me with more details if you like.
I will start doing this now to make it easier to track.
Hi Chris, I finally finished Bonus Bagging today about a month and half after I signed up, and I made a total of £495!!
Also, does PM use matched betting techniques?
My advice re: PM is just to take it source and steady.
Watch the introduction webinar and then follow through the available offers in the order they are set out from the Start Here page.
This is just a step up.
But the rewards can be much, much greater.
With regards to the casino and bingo site they are a different beast really.
Each offer can be different and they are not all 100% risk free.
The idea is that the positive expected value means that over time any losses will be swallowed by your earnings.
Again — read through it all carefully and only focus on these kind of offers when it is recommended to do so — beyond the easiest of easy bonuses.
Promotions are normally aimed at UK residents and you meet those requirements.
Hi Chris, I am a UK national living in mainland Europe and attempted my first Bonus Bagging bet a few days ago.
My credit card is from the country where I live now and this seemed to raise a red flag with the bookmaker.
My question is: if I used a UK-registered credit card which I can probably arrange fairly easily, as I only recently cancelled my old onewill this get me around it?
Do bookies usually ask for proof of address regardless of the credit card used?
Your help is appreciated.
Your experience could actually have been a lot worse.
For instance — you could have won a large bet at the bookmaker and then been refused a withdrawal based on a non-verified account.
Of course if you had been matched betting this would have meant you would have also lost that amount on the Betfair side, so you are overall losses would have been pretty substantial.
Matched betting handmade money bag meant to eliminate the risk from betting.
Trying to game your residency for sake of qualifying for bonuses to facilitate this incorporates a huge amount of risk.
Thanks for the reply, Chris.
I use an online wallet there and there seem to be no issues with using it outside the UK.
I suppose one way to get around this would be to open up, say, a mobile phone account in the UK and send a copy of this bill if requested by the bookies.
Everything would check out, unless they possibly got their tech guys to look into it really deeply.
I doubt the initial withdrawal would be of such an amount to make this worthwhile, though.
I have just finished bonus bagging… made around £500.
I have been pondering starting with profit maximiser but what is holding me back is the worry that it will result in my bookmaker accounts being limited or closed….
Is my concern well founded?
Will PM make it more likely for bookies to close or limit my accounts.
There are a plethora of bookies and gaming sites out there.
If you end up getting an account limited then just move on to the next.
Bookies limit accounts of regular players too who are unprofitable for them.
Hi Chris, Just a couple of questions from me.
I have a friend who has used you to good effect.
My friend says the bets recommended have quite low odds.
Is this to remain under the radar with the bookmakers?
Re: higher odds — it depends on the type of bet you have been awarded.
Stake Returned free bets work better with low odds, Stake Not Returned free bets work better with larger odds like you say.
The other consideration is Betfair liquidity and liability.
On the liability side such a bet is going to require a relatively significant balance to lay it off.
By all means you have the funds to cover higher odds and see some that looks better there would be nothing to stop you running those odds into the calculator and taking those instead.
I am happy seeing all the comment but also sad, cus I am afraid of giving this a trial.
Once you have a completed a sign-up offer you just move on to the next one from a different bookmaker.
Several years ago I had numerous betting accounts for arbing purposes eventually they all got shut.
I have changed adresss since then and bank accounts and e mail address too.
If taking up the offers will the online bookies flag me up I stopped arbing about five years ago and have no current online betting accounts.
Also will you comment on how easy is it to withdraw your funds from online accounts once read article with the online betting accounts.
D which if posted and not faxed meant it could take up to 7 days for the money from online accounts to hit your bank.
Obviously if this money is your bragging money then it can or will slow the whole process down.
Further more reading the above the ratio example previously mentioned seems to point to a ratio of 75% consider, money bag symbol text agree funds in betfair and 25% in cash for online accounts.
To be honest the ideal is to alway win at Betfair and lose at the bookmaker.
If so would it be possible to send me a copy?
Kind Regards Keith Hey Keith: The link to that is in my free eBook download.
Hi Chris, just about to sign up this week.
Notice there is an offer on Quidco to get cash back with Betfair which is great.
Also they are offering a free £30 bet for a £10 deposit with betfair.
Do you lay with another bookie?!
You could try another exchange such as Smarkets.
Take a read over their terms and conditions to clarify.
Just wondering how much time you would expect each day be spent doing profit master to achieve around 20k in a year which several have reported on here?
And would it require doing it every single day?
To hit those kind of figures I would say you need to be doing it daily for a couple of hours a day.
Of course results vary based on your own confidence, experience and ability to work through the offers quickly.
Hi Chris, I understand how this works and undoubtedly it can make money.
One question I have is whether once you have one some money on a bookie after the intro offer, you have to use the winnings again or leave it in there or wager a certain amount before you can withdraw it?
Hope my question is clear.
Some will require you to wager again to withdraw the money.
Others will let you withdraw free bet winnings straight away.
All this is factored into the Bonus Bagging service and you will be made aware of this in the email instruction.
Hi Garry: That I believe to be a copycat product of Bonus Bagging.
A few have been and gone over the past few years.
I assume you only get one round with each of the bookies — which still would be a good earner — before the offers dry up?
Beyond introductory offers bookmakers also offer various bonuses to existing customers which we can make use of.
And beyond them there are all sorts of different kind of bonus offers ross money bags can extract profit from — think spread betting, bingo, casino sites etc.
Head on over to the Profit Maximiser review for some more details there.
But definitely Bonus Bagging is the best starting point.
The problem is most of these offers are not as free as they claim.
Basically the bookie makes you keep betting until you lose.
Take this example: A bookie offers you a £50 bonus off a £50 stake.
You must play through the bonus 2x to withdraw.
The qualifier bet might cost you £2.
You then lock in a modest £37.
You then play a further £100 to be able to withdraw and lose a further £5 on finding matching bets.
Your total expenditure would be £37.
With regards to this statement: Basically the bookie makes you keep betting until you lose.
So is it still like that, that I can only use this if I am from the UK or Ireland?
Because I live in Germany and I am super interested.
Hi Chris, I am not Uk recident but live and work in UK and have UK debit card.
Can I use BB and PM?
Tanks Hi Stasi: My understanding is that you are a UK resident… But not a citizen.
This is probably quite common given the free movement of EU passport holders.
Even using a PVN account in the case of BB and PM will not work?
A VPN will not help you if they request ID and proof of address which is common.
Once you have exhausted the intorductionary offers on BB I am fully expecting to then move on to PMin regards to re-loads offers etc do you still use BB alongside PM, or will they clash?
Also, I have experienced the annoyance of waiting the 4 days for money to be withdrawn from a bookmaker and am looking into Skrill.
But I have read that this may impact on the bonuses on offer?
Do you recommend it being used alongside these products?
Hi Lloyd: Sorry for the delay in all these comment replies.
Anyway — PM works in tandem with Bonus Bagging.
Skrill is good but generally not accepted for sign-up offers.
My advise is to just keep plugging away and build a bankroll which will help you with liquidity long term when waiting for withdrawals.
Most matched bettors I know sit with a healthy Betfair balance full-time so they can take on whatever comes up at the earliest opportunity.
It can take a while to get there, but you will.
Hi Chris — what is the normal method of deposit and withdrawal with bookmakers?
Do they typically accept credit cards, or is a bank transfer required?
Hi Dave: Debit cards are the norm.
You should never deposit with a credit card because betting transactions are treated as cash advances which accrue hefty interest!
Hi Dave: You should be prepared for it and have the required documents to prove it — i.
ID and utility bill or bank statement — yet it is only requested occasionally.
Would this system still be worth using as you wouldnt be able to use the sign up offers.
Bonus Bagging is best done from a clean slate.
Hi Chris, i have some questons.
How is unmatched bets different to odds being changed.
I just started using bonus bagging, but in one video i saw to recalculte odds if they are changed, and in another one in odds being not matched i saw to change our odds to what betfair is showing.
I guess both are same scenarios but different treatments.
Can i know about them?
What happens if we win qualifying bets on bookmakers and loose on betfair.
Do we get bonus even on betfair this web page anything else happens?
Hi Robert: 1 Your spreadsheet or odds matching calculator should reflect the live odds at Betfair.
So just update odds to whatever the current odds are and work with that before you place your bets.
Hi Chris, Thank you for all your valuable information on BB.
I already have accounts with 15 bookies.
Would it be worth joining BB or would you recommend moving on to PM?
Thanks again for your courteous, informed replies.
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I'm Chris and over the past few years I have made thousands of pounds through bookmakers and casinos.
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Bonus Bagging was a huge success and showed users how to make a guaranteed profit from bookmaker signup bonuses and free bets.
Profit Maximiser is a revamped version of Bonus Bagging with more features, more tools and shows you how to make more profit.
Both Profit Maximiser and Bonus bagging are products from Mike Cruickshank.
money bags slot machine casino launched Bonus Bagging in 2010 and saw huge success with it.
At a one-off fee of £27, Mike Cruickshank promises users hundreds of pounds of profit using matched betting.
However, Bonus Bagging only showed users how to make a profit from bookmaker sign up bonuses and with very few reload offers listed and so once all of the signup bonuses have been completed, your profit dramatically slows down.
That is where Profit Maximiser comes in.
Profit Maximiser is Bonus Bagging with the addition of reload bonuses and additional matched betting tools to help you make a profit every month and not just in the short term.
Launching in 2013, ProfitMaximiser.
Profit Maximiser Pricing Profit Maximiser costs £97 + VAT per year for the use of their service.
They also give the option of a £1 trial for 14 days for people who are unsure on whether or not to part with over £100 before seeing what the service offers.
We would like to see a monthly subscription option but the £1 trial should give users enough of a taste of what Profit Maximiser offers before diving in with an annual subscription.
The £1 trial gives full access to the service and should give enough time to get to grips with how ProfitMaximiser.
It is worth noting that if you opt for the £1 trial and money bag photo do not cancel your membership within 14 days, your account will auto-renew for the annual subscription of £97 + VAT.
First thoughts on Profit Maximiser When you visit ProfitMaximiser.
If you get through all of the sale spiels you will see two buttons to sign up for either the £1 14 day trial or the annual subscription of £97 + VAT.
We signed up for the annual subscription and were directed to Clickbank to make the payment.
Profit Maximiser Members Area Once logged in to your account, you are to complete 3 steps to get started.
Step 1 is simply to make sure the emails you receive from ProfitMaximiser.
Step 2 opens up a training video which has Mike Cruickshank showing you various places around the internet on where to find the best reload offers.
The video is a very long watch at 1 hour and 15 minutes and is icon money really aimed at beginners of matched betting but it does contain some useful tips to profit more from matched betting.
And step 3 is to join the Profit Maximiser Facebook group.
The Facebook group is a fundamental part of Profit Maximiser as this is where the members discuss offers and post offers they have found themselves.
Profit Maximiser Offer Guides Profit Maximiser advises you to watch the training videos before starting any matched betting.
The videos section consists of 13 videos and are a mixture of bookmaker offer strategy and casino offer strategy along with guides on how to use the odds matching software and matched betting calculator.
The videos seem to explain the strategies well and show Mike Cruickshank using the Profit Maximiser tools to complete some of the signup offers.
The bookmaker offers odds converter bonus bagging displays the offers in grid form.
I suspect that the majority of ProfitMaximiser.
Profit Maximiser offers page Each individual offer page goes through the steps to complete the offer from placing your qualifying bet to making a profit with your free bet.
There are also sections for Casino offers, advanced casino offers and bingo offers.
Profit Maximiser Tools With a Profit Maximiser subscription, you get the use of their odds matcher and calculator tools.
There odds converter bonus bagging various other matched betting tools and packages on offer but they do come at an extra cost.
Some of the optional extras include : EV Maximiser Cost £ 49.
It also contains information and guides on various types of casino bonus strategies.
Bonus Bagging Cost £27 — Shows you how to make a guaranteed profit from bookmaker sign up bonuses.
click a more limited version of ProfitMaximiser.
Bookie Blowout Cost £99.
Each Way Sniper Cost £47 + VAT — A tool which identifies value each way bets on horse races.
It displays odds converter bonus bagging value bets in a table similar to the odds matcher and shows you which horses to bet on each way and how much to lay that bet to make a guaranteed profit.
It also includes in-play odds, channel 4 racing software and additional sports such as greyhounds, snooker, tennis and American football.
You can read our full here.
Betfair Alliance Cost £1 trial for 30 days then £99 + VAT annually — Lets you place bets on Betfair Exchange directly from your Profit Maximiser account without having to visit Betfair.
Betting Mastermind Cost £688 + VAT odds converter bonus bagging This is the ultimate Mike Cruickshank package which includes all of the products above as well as a few extras thrown in.
Odds Matcher The odds matcher tool on Profit Maximiser is the same one that is used at Bonus Bagging.
In fact, you are actually redirected to the Bonus Bagging website when you open it.
The odds matcher automatically displays and ranks events by a rating score which is the percentage of your bet you will keep when backing and laying on that event.
There are currently only football and horse racing events included in the odds matcher and as mentioned above, there is a more advanced odds matcher available but it does come at an additional cost of £98.
Filter options are limited to just bookmaker and min and max odds which is slightly disappointing as we would like to see some other options included such as filter by sport, event time and betting exchange.
From here you can view your back and lay stakes to complete the bet.
At the beginning of October 2017, Mike Cruikshank released an add-on to the odds matcher which allows users to place bets on Betfair Exchange directly via their Profit Maximiser accounts.
However, if you visit the sales page, you can test Betfair Alliance out in full for 30 days for only £1.
Calculator There are two ways to access the matched betting calculator.
This opens up a basic calculator which allows you to calculate your back and lay stakes for basic matched betting offers.
Profit Maximiser Calculators The other way to access the calculator is through the odds matcher.
Clicking on an event opens up a pre-configured calculator which is designed slightly differently but has the same features.
Maybe this is something that again is included in one of the upgrade features but really should be as standard.
Daily Offers Calendar The odds converter bonus bagging offers calendar is a very nice feature on ProfitMaximiser.
It displays all of the sports and casino reload offers that can be completed each day.
There are a good number of offers listed each day allowing users to consistently make a profit.
Each offer has its own page which explains the details of the offer and provides a link to the associated thread in the Profit Maximiser Facebook group.
This is great if you are unsure about anything in the offer as you can ask the community and expect a reply pretty quickly.
You can filter the offers by the level of risk and by sports offers or casino offers.
There is also the option to view the calendar as a monthly display rather than day by day.
Profit Maximiser Customer Support Mike Cruickshank promises lifetime support via email but I expect the route most members go when they have a question is the Profit Maximiser Facebook group.
The Facebook group consists of thousands of members who are more than willing to help each other with questions they may have when starting out or assistance with completing specific offers.
The Facebook group is also a way for members odds converter bonus bagging share their success stories with matched betting and Profit Maximiser and on several occasions, members have posted screenshots of life-changing winnings.
Back in April of 2015, a Profit Maximiser member won a staggering £597,136.
Then in December of 2016 another Profit Maximiser member won over £200,000 on the Double Bubble slot at JackpotJoy whilst completing one of the offers listed on ProfitMaximiser.
Although these level of wins are few and far between, it does give other members hope that they too will hit a big win and a good incentive to keep matched betting.
Big win for a Profit Maximiser member The Profit Maximiser group is private and when you sign up as a member you must send an email to to request an invite.
Profit Maximiser Mobile Optimisation The main pages of Profit Maximiser are all optimised for mobile devices.
This includes the training pages and the offer guides.
However, the tools such as the odds matcher and calculator are not.
This makes it very difficult to use Profit Maximiser to its full potential on your mobile phone.
You may get away with it on your tablet depending on the size but it still may require some zooming odds converter bonus bagging />Overall, Profit Maximiser is not intended for use on a mobile device so if you are looking to matched bet on the move, you may be better off choosing a fully optimised matched betting service.
Profit Maximiser Affiliate Program Profit Maximiser offer affiliates 75% commission on any odds converter bonus bagging they refer.
Considering the price of the subscription is almost £100, you will earn around £75 per referred member.
This is a great opportunity for members of Profit Maximiser who believe in the product, to earn a bit extra by referring their friends and family.
Conclusion Profit Maximiser has an excellent community on Facebook where members help each other out throughout the day with offers and general matched betting queries.
Having a community like this is what makes Profit Maximiser so popular.
However, in terms of the tools and features they provide, they are lacking slightly.
There are some excellent tools on offer from Mike Cruickshank but unfortunately, they all come at an extra cost.
Some of which are not exactly cheap.
If Profit Maximiser could include these tools in the regular subscription then they could be pushing for one of the best matched betting sites.

Free Spins
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$ 200

This odds conversion tool converts between US, decimal, fractional, Hong Kong, Indonesian, Malay odds, and implied probability. Enter any one of the seven and the other six will be computed and.

Matched Betting Calculator
Valid for casinos
Bonus Bagging Calculator | Matched Betting Guide
OddsMonkey Special Offer The easy way to do matched betting is to use OddsMonkey.
I use it, recommend it, and you can get 10 days of Premium for £1.
Bonus Bagging Calculator Bonus Bagging Calculator.
This in depth post is all about the world of Bonus Bagging Calculators.
Matched Betting Matched betting, bonus bagging, back and lay bet matching and double betting.
They are all the same thing, but what do these terms mean exactly?
No Risk Matched Betting Before we jump in head first, it is important to realise that matched betting does not involve any gambling.
When done properly and using a and a bonus bagging calculator, there is no risk involved, if you find yourself in a situation where your money is at risk, you have either made a mistake, or you are gambling.
Bonus Bagging Matched betting or bonus bagging is the process of extracting guaranteed profits from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers and betting websites.
This risk free technique uses mathematical equations to ensure that a profit is made no matter the outcome of an event; and with bookmakers willing to spend an average of £300 to land a new customer there is no shortage of opportunities.
A typical offer will usually require a new customer to place an initial bet with their own money in order to receive a free bet to the same value of the first bet, capped at a certain amount.
A matched bettor will bet on every outcome of a sporting event to ensure that a profit is guaranteed.
Lets take a deeper look.
Betting Exchanges In order to take advantage of this risk free technique we need to use regular betting websites along with a special type of betting website, known as a betting exchange.
Betfair is the most well known betting exchange, but others include Smarkets, Betdaq and Matchbook and Ladbrokes Exchange.
These exchanges work differently to regular bookmakers.
Instead of betting against the company, we bet against other customers like ourselves and the exchange takes a small commission from our winnings.
This model allows us to effectively take the role of bookmaker and accept bets from other customers.
Man City will win or the match will end in a draw.
As the bet placed at the bookmaker website has been done so with free money, we are guaranteed to make a profit.
This is great news, however, there are important factors that have to be taken into consideration before we go ahead and place our bets: 1.
What should I bet on?
Lets address each question individually.
What Should I Bet on?
In order to make a profit we can bet on almost anything.
We want to make the maximum amount of profit possible.
A close match is a sporting event where the back odds at the bookmaker website are as close as possible to the lay odds at the exchange.
The closer the odds, the more profit we can extract.
On rare occasions the odds at the bookmaker website might actually be higher than the lay odds at the exchange.
This is known as an ARBRITAGE opportunity.
Money can be made from these opportunities even without free bets, however taking advantage of these opportunities can often result in our accounts being banned by the bookmakers.
For this reason it is advised that you avoid placing such bets.
How to find a close match There are 2 ways that we can find a close match to bet on, the free method and the paid for method.
It simply involves you having 2 web pages open, the betting website with the free bet and your chosen betting exchange.
Now you go through the popular upcoming sporting events and compare the back odds from the bookmaker website to the lay odds from the betting exchange until you find a close enough match.
How close is close enough?
A good match should return at least 75% of the free bet if the stake is not returned and at least 95% if the stake money bag returned.
We work out our profits, along with how much we should back and lay with a special Bonus Bagging Calculator, which we will look at shortly.
But first lets look at the paid method.
For this method we use a special piece of software that compares the odds from thousands of sporting events, returning the most profitable events and allowing us to sort them to match our specific needs.
This allows us to find events quickly and efficiently and maximize profits.
Now I odds converter bonus bagging previously that the paid method is cheaper than the free method.
The reason I say this is because the amount of profit you make from using the software will be significantly greater than that gained from manually searching for close matches.
This might not be the case if you are doing one offer a month.
But if you are doing more than about 5 offers month which you will once you see how much money there is to be made the greater profits gained by using the software will more than cover the cost of using the software.
How do I know how much to lay source the exchange?
Once we have found a close match, we need to work out how much we need to bet.
Our back bet the free bookmaker bet is dictated by the amount of the free bet.
If we have a £25 free bet, then this is the amount that we will be placing at the bookmaker website.
To work out how much we need to lay at the betting exchange we must use a special Bonus Bagging Calculator.
Bonus Odds converter bonus bagging Calculator There are various Bonus Bagging Calculators available on the web; they all do the same thing, a free version can be found at sign up to free trial for unlimited access to the calculator.
To work out how much we need to lay at the betting exchange, we simply fill in all the click here we have.
Bonus Bagging Calculator explained Lets take a closer look at the calculator.
Firstly we need to select the type of bet we are placing, lets take a look at the different bet types.
This calculation takes into account that your bet stake please click for source be returned in any winnings.
We use this when we are placing initial bets that qualify us to receive a free bet.
For example, if we placed a £10 free bet on Liverpool to win at odds of ½ 1.
As opposed to receiving £15 back had we placed icon bag money bet with our own money.
Once we have selected which type of bet we are placing, we simply plug in all the information we have into the calculator.
Bonus Bagging Calculator Liability Lets take a look at a scenario where we are placing a £10 free bet SNR with back odds of 5.
We can see that we need to lay £7.
Liability is the amount of we will lose at the exchange if our odds converter bonus bagging bet loses.
With this in mind, we must make sure that we have at least this amount in our exchange betting account in order to place our bet.
We can also see our potential profits depending on where the bet wins.
Matched Bet Finder In order to make money from bonus bagging, we need to find opportunities to take advantage of.
A quick Google search for free bets will bring up some immediate offers.
Its very important that you read the terms and read more of each offer very carefully to ensure that you receive your free bets.
Alternatively, an oddsmatching software service such as will supply daily offers with step-by-step instructions on how to complete them.
Matched Betting Guide The easiest way to see exactly how matched betting works is to go through a real life step-by-step example.
The most common and easiest type of offer to take advantage of is a bookmaker sign up offer.
These are normally given out in the form of a free bet when you sign up and make an account with them.
Lets take a look at the sign up offer for the bookmaker Stan James in order to see exactly how this works.
This tells us that the maximum amount of free bet we can qualify for is £10, and in order to qualify for this £10 free bet we first have to place a bet of £10 with our own money.
When we place a bet with our own money, our initial stake is returned with any winnings.
However when we are using this particular free bet, we will only receive the winnings and not the stake in the event of our free bet winning.
For example, if we placed the £10 free bet on Liverpool to win at odds of ½ 1.
As opposed to receiving £15 back had we placed the bet with our own money.
This is very important to us, and I will explain why in just a moment.
Oddsmatching Now we know what we need to do in order to receive the free bet, we visit web page to find an event to place our qualifying bet on.
Use your oddsmatching software or manually search for a close match at odds of 1.
Its worth noting at this point that the closer our match is to the minimum odds 1.
Once you have found a suitable match, go to your Bonus Bagging Calculator.
Once everything is ready, place your bookmaker back bet followed by your exchange lay bet using the lay amount provided by the Bonus Bagging Calculator.
Wait for the bets to settle and Stan James will reward you with your £10 free bet!
This may take up to 24 hours.
Once we receive our £10 free bet we must repeat the process, however this time there odds converter bonus bagging be some slight differences.
Once again we must find a close match, however this time we want to find a match with the highest odds we can afford the liability for.
This is because the higher the odds we use the higher percentage of the free bet we can extract as profit.
Once we have found a suitable match at high odds, select FREE BET SNR on the calculator and plug in the bet details once again.
As before, check your exchange account balance to make sure you have enough to cover the liability, then place your free bet followed by your exchange lay bet.
Once your free bet has settled you will have made a profit!
Unmatched and Partially Matched Bets?
If you look at any event on the Betfair Exchange, you will notice that below the odds in the pink lay box there is a cash value.
This amount is telling you how much money is in the market at the displayed odds.
This means that there is only the availability to place a bet up to that value at the displayed odds.
If you were to place a bet with a stake larger than the displayed amount at those odds, part of your bet would be matched and part would be unmatched.
This can sometimes happen when someone else matches the available amount just before you place your bet, causing the odds to change.
If the odds change before any part of your bet was matched you will have a completely unmatched bet, this can be resolved easily by cancelling the unmatched bet and recalculating the lay amount using the new odds.
When we are encountered by a partially matched bet, there are 2 things we can do.
If this happens, the unmatched portion of our bet will be automatically matched.
Trickybet Calculator This calculator is similar to the normal Bonus Bagging Calculator, but has an extra feature that takes into account the partially matched portion of your bet.
To use it, we must fill in the details of our bet with the new lay odds, and tell it about the part of our bet that has already been matched.
The calculator then gives you a new lay amount to use at the changed lay odds; allowing you to lay off your entire bet!
Deposit Methods When depositing with betting companies, check their terms and conditions carefully.
These payment methods usually include PayPal.
To be safe your best bet is to always deposit with a debit card.
Rollover and Wagering Requirements Some offers will require you to rollover or wager a certain amount before you can withdraw any winnings from your free bets.
Such offers can still be profitable but its important to read the terms and condition so you know exactly what you are getting tied into.
These are offers available to existing customers, designed to encourage you to continue betting.
Most of these offers are garbage with no value, however some of them will be great opportunities to make more risk free cash.
If they notice that you are only ever placing bets with them when there is a good offer available, they will do one of two things.
For this reason it is important that we keep our accounts healthy.
We do this by placing what are known as mug bets.
These are bets placed on popular events and on popular favorites.
We do this to attempt to blend into the crowd, reducing the chances of our accounts being flagged up as a risk.
We still lay these bets off at the betting exchange and find close matches to keep losses to a minimum.
If we throw in a couple of these mug bets around the time we do an offer, it will dramatically increase our chances of keeping our accounts open, although not guarantee it!
Matched Betting Student Matched Betting has been thought of something that can help to save the student financially for a while now, and this notion could not be truer.
With a student loan in the bank it offers the perfect opportunity to invest and make an instant profit.
There is no easier and quicker way to make such a substantial second income from the Internet.
Matched Betting FAQs Is Matched Betting Legal?
Luckily, in the case of matched betting it is completely legal.
If we break it down into its simplest form, we are merely placing two bets on the same event with different companies.
Nothing about that is illegal.
We will win one of the bets and lose another.
What we decide to do with each of the companies has no effect on the other.
How much profit can be made from Matched Betting?
The amount of profit that can be made is down to a number of factors.
When I say invest I mean how much many offers can you take advantage of at one time before all your money is tied up.
If you are doing a few offers at once you will quickly find your money is tied up in betting exchanges as liability, or that you are waiting for withdrawals to come back to your bank account from bookmaker websites.
This would require a fairly large bankroll around £5000however you can build this up fairly quickly with the amount of signup offers available.
It is easy to get started with a bank of only £50-£100 and make over £400 in a month.
One thing must be made clear, this is not a get rich quick scheme, and it will never make you rich.
However it can give you consistent long-term profits if done correctly, with £1500 per month being click realistic target.
What are the risks of matched betting?
In theory there is zero odds converter bonus bagging involved in matched betting, however we are human, and humans make mistakes.
But besides a human error or a power cut happening between placing our back and lay bet, there is no risk involved.
It is advisable that you do not partake in matched betting if you are tired or under the influence of alcohol.
As easy as it is to successfully complete matched betting offers, it does require concentration so bear this in mind.
Does Depositing at Betting Websites Affect My Credit Rating?
Depositing at a betting website does not affect your credit rating.
However it is worth noting that having thousands of pounds consistently going out to betting companies each month could affect a mortgage application.
Banks tend to only look at bank statements from the last 3 to 6 months for mortgage applications, so unless you are planning on buying a house in the next 6 months, you should not be affected.
Do I Pay Tax on Betting Winnings?
Winnings from gambling are currently exempt from tax in the UK.
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Whereas if you bet on a football team that is unlikely to win, with odds of say 6.0, the £10 free bet will convert to around £8 cash profit. Note though, the higher odds you choose, the more you will need in your betting exchange account in case the bet wins. For a detailed explanation with examples, read this free bet profit article.

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